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There’s even a $78,000, 12-day vacation on a luxury yacht. On February 9, 2020, the Oscars will be awarded at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, and even the losers will go home with lavish consolation prizes. While just four oscars gift bag 2020 actors and one director will bring home the gold in the top individual categories, all 24 nominees still get a six-figure gift bag courtesy of Distinctive Assets, a celebrity and product-placement marketing company.

  • Gifts worth $41,000 (Rs 33.6 lakh) include rejuvenation procedures, an executive hair restoration consultation with a Florida doctor and liposuction.
  • Located in San Diego, California, the spa offers 80 wellness classes, 30 miles of hiking trails, a daily massage, and farm-to-table meals.
  • Dr. Vasyukevich performs high-end skin treatment and rejuvenation procedures.
  • The three hosts for Oscars 2023 are Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Schumer.

Although the 2020 Oscars gift bags do include some of these smaller items, they also offer things like $25,000 worth of treatments from a plastic surgeon and a 12-day cruise on the world’s first ultra-luxury yacht (worth nearly $80,000). We thought the 2020 Grammys gift bags were luxurious, but that was before we took a peek inside of what the 2020 Oscar nominees will receive ahead of Hollywood’s biggest night. The 92nd Academy Awards counts itself as one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. So a niche marketing company called Distinctive Assets will once again distribute the official unofficial “Everyone Wins” Oscars gift bags to all 24 nominees.

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That might seem like a pretty clear-cut ending to the story — no more gift bags from the Academy, no more Oscars gift bags. But private companies had actually been curating their own bundles on the sidelines for several years by then, and they, unlike the Academy, were willing to keep giving gifts that would be considered taxable income. And out of many contenders, one would rise as the most prominent. A gift certificate for a private island getaway on Fisher Island was among the gifts selected for inclusion in the prestigious 2004 official Oscar gift bag. Actors Viola Davis and Mark Ruffalo have shared photographs of their free vacations on Instagram.

  • The Scenic Eclipse takes guests on a luxurious trip to Antarctica.
  • Maybe they’ll retreat here if they’re upset after their Oscars loss.
  • But it turned out that having to pay taxes for the gifts didn’t mean celebrities would stop accepting them .
  • Scarlett Johansson ranked first with $56 million in earnings before taxes and fees, while Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron, both nominated for their work in Bombshell, also made the list with earnings of $23.5 million and $23 million, respectively.

Of course, the bag, which is put together by Distinctive Arts and given away to nominees in the Best Director and four Best Actor categories, has some choice gifts in it this year. The headline item is a three-day stay at the Lifestyle, a remote estate located outside of Ottawa, Canada (valued at $40,000). There’s also an arm liposuction procedure ($12,000), a three-night stay at the restored Faro Punta Impatore lighthouse just off the coast of Naples, Italy, ($9,000) and a bottle of Shinery Radiance Wash hand soap ($28).

This Is What’s Inside This Year’s Oscar Nominees Gift Bag

In fact, up until 2006, the organization played a key role in the gift-giving on Hollywood’s biggest night. As if a shot at winning an Academy Award wasn’t exciting enough, all those nominated for acting and directing accolades ttps://turbo-tax.org/ will receive an over-the-top swag bag with contents reportedly valued at $148,000. When you hear the phrase “gift bag,” you probably imagine some sweet treats, light libations, and maybe a candle or a pair of socks.

The set includes a sleep support rollerball, honey mint lip balm and body oil. This year’s bag is valued at just over $137,000 and includes items ranging from designer popcorn to a voucher for $12,000 worth of liposuction. That is down dramatically from 2020 when it was worth $225,000. And stranger items included among the gifts is the Peezy Midstream, a medical urine collection system, and a „brain sensing” meditation headband worth $250. Not every Oscar nominee will be going home Sunday night with a shiny gold statuette. But even those who miss out on a gong will have something to celebrate as they’ll receive a coveted goody bag worth $225,000, according to Forbes.

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