The decentralized nature of the crypto world means that even the leading websites may not have perfectly accurate figures at all times. Thus, CoinGecko is a useful tool to cross-reference the accuracy and precision of key indicators such as market caps, token prices, rankings, or trading volumes listed at CoinMarketCap. CoinMarketCap is the world’s leading platform for crypto market intelligence and research.

Many users contribute excellent technical analysis on cryptocurrencies and tokens. Investing is not something that you can master overnight. In a crypto market, each coin has different tokenomics which you can refer to as fundamentals. It is important for a coin to be more investor-centric than developer-centric. However, the large and established VCs all use in-house analysts who specialise in finding and vetting crypto projects. And make no mistake; the vetting process isn’t a walk in the park.

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However, the website can be a great tool to cross-check vital KPIs of coins/tokens listed on CoinMarketCap. CoinMarketCal is an online calendar of upcoming events at blockchain projects. Given the vast number of tokens and coins in existence, tracking their future important events and developments is not an easy task. CoinMarketCal is a great resource that makes this task much more manageable. The key information you can focus on for your initial research is coin and token rankings in terms of market capitalization or 24-hour trading volume. In the later stages of DYOR, you may look at information regarding specific tokens of interest to you.

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A limitation of Google Trends is that less popular smaller tokens may not have enough search volumes to produce reliable results. It is a tool most suited to researching the trends for more widely-known tokens. The events covered by CoinMarketCal include coin/token listings, “burning” and other supply-related events, forking, governance voting, Telegram channel AMA sessions, and many more. The vast and virtually unregulated crypto world poses significant risks to uninformed investors but also gives great opportunities to those who arm themselves with the right research.

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However, the acronym is not a piece of advice exclusive to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is commonly used throughout the internet due to how fast and easily misinformation can spread. Many complex concepts from the world of crypto and blockchain are explained in easy-to-digest layman terms on the website. Investopedia is a valuable resource for early-stage crypto research to understand basic definitions and terms.

dyor meaning

Because it’s your money, you should be the one who makes the decisions. Make sure you get information from a variety of sources and do your own research prior to making a crypto investment. Joining a crypto community will allow you to broaden your knowledge and researchIt’s also useful if you’re unsure about something and want to get a second opinion. Finding a good online or in-person community will undoubtedly give you an advantage over other traders who are attempting to conquer the world of cryptocurrency from the comfort of their own homes. If the team behind the project cannot make a good website, then do you think they can make a great crypto project? Detailed process of how the platform or application works, including its tokenomics.

Before investing in a crypto project, DYOR on some things that include 🔍

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain dyor meaning crypto word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Sign up to Metaschool web3 courses to learn the necessary skills to switch to a fantastic blockchain career. The number one step is to know and determine your objectives.

R/Cryptocurrency is a good qualitative, not a hard-data-based quantitative research tool. DYOR is an acronym for “Do Your Own Research” and is possibly the most important dogma in the cryptocurrency world. The meaning is that you should never trust an ICO-project team or anyone else without first verifying any statements made with your own research. Warren Buffett, arguably the most successful investor alive, argues that if you don’t feel comfortable holding a stock for 10 years, you shouldn’t hold it for 10 minutes. Accordingly, if you aren’t willing to hold a crypto for a decent length of time, you probably haven’t done enough research to invest in it (unless of course you’re a day trader).

Of course, where you heard about a given project doesn’t necessarily dictate whether it’s legitimate or not, but it’s a great place to start. The Community – Check out the project’s Twitter and Discord channels. If it has thousands of members but no engagement, this is a red flag. Check how active and engaged are these important channels.


These are the key bits of intelligence to evaluate a coin or token. This article contains links to third-party websites or other content for information purposes only (“Third-Party Sites”). This article is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is important to do your own research and analysis before making any material decisions related to any of the products or services described. This article is not intended as, and shall not be construed as, financial advice. The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s [company’s] own and do not necessarily reflect those of CoinMarketCap.

dyor meaning

This is simply said because not being informed enough can potentially lead to a great loss. For better or worse, the crypto space is saturated with buzzwords. And while some are useful technical terms , others are basically just gibberish (Web 4.0, Bitcoin 2.0, hyper deflationary, etc). Any project that has these meaningless buzzwords plastered all over its website is a red flag.

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Unlike websites that give you statistics on market caps, prices, and other metrics, Reddit offers a unique way to directly converse with users about blockchain projects. Do Your Own Research, or DYOR, is well-known in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities. DYOR is needed to conduct due diligence and compile the necessary market intelligence in order to make smart investments based on solid grounds. The community is usually pushing for DYOR specifically to safeguard new investors looking to get rich quickly and to reduce overall risk when investing.

Projects whose founders, developers and team members have a strong track record are a major factor when vetting a project. Because the shills are now watering down its meaning, and in some cases using it to more aggressively market projects. Sometimes there are so many shills screaming support for some project that when its token inevitably loses 99% of its value weeks after launching, nobody can quite believe what’s happened. A term used to encourage fellow crypto investors not to blindly trust any claims, „do your own research” has been overused by shillers recently — how exactly can you DYOR? With it, you can also find out about new projects based on various alternative and financial metrics and market areas.

  • If it has thousands of members but no engagement, this is a red flag.
  • Which resources do we consider to be the most effective?
  • Sign up to Metaschool web3 courses to learn the necessary skills to switch to a fantastic blockchain career.
  • Check how active and engaged are these important channels.
  • Investopedia is a valuable resource for early-stage crypto research to understand basic definitions and terms.
  • There’s then a lengthy explanation saturated with unnecessarily technical language, which is finally followed by a tiny disclaimer and the ever-present DYOR.

You can also compare two or more search terms on the same chart. Reddit is the world’s largest discussion forum, with a diverse web of sub-reddits dedicated to various topics. R/CryptoCurrency is Reddit’s primary crypto and blockchain discussion board.

A typo of ‘Hold’ originating from bitcointalk that has also been retrofitted to be an acronym for Hold on f… A digital currency that is secured by cryptography to work as a medium of exchange within a peer-to-peer (P… The tools covered above are the key to solid research and due diligence. Each of them serves a somewhat different purpose, but used together, they will help you carry out effective DYOR.

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The first step here is to read around “the problem” elsewhere to check that it really exists, and then you can look for better-known platforms that might have solutions lined up already. You should also look at the whitepaper’s layout, writing style and professionalism. People who launch legitimate projects check and vet their whitepapers, so there shouldn’t be any mistakes. When it comes to scouting for new crypto investments, make sure the information you use for any investment decisions comes from a reputable source. DYOR stands for Do Your Own Research and is a common phrase used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

However, DYOR is the only viable solution in a disruptive and extremely unpredictable industry like blockchain. Making money and protecting your money are not always simple tasks in the world of cryptocurrencies. This guide is designed to help you become a better researcher when you come across a potentially profitable investment. The term is also often used as a disclaimer when cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts make public posts or share their market analyses on social media platforms. DYOR aims to reduce the number of uninformed investors in cryptocurrency.

So as a way to warn others from getting scammed, people started to use the term. DYOR is an acronym that stands for “do your own research.” It’s commonly used by analysts, traders and market researchers who share their work and opinions on social media. Keep in mind that DYOR isn’t unique to crypto; commentators in other industries use it as well.

The website is also a good source of crypto intelligence in the form of podcasts, a newsletter, and industry commentary. In addition to the above indicators, it is useful to study the price charts of coins/tokens to see how volatile they have been over a certain period of time. CoinMarketCap provides great interactive charts to zoom in to various time periods and study the coin’s price movements in more detail.

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This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Details on what ownership, voting, and yield-earning rights token holders get. Again, this is often described in the project’s white paper.

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