For my barefoot shoe newbies and recreational lifters, go Xero Shoes Prio. The one pro about all of the Xero Shoes compared in this article is that their price points are all somewhat in the same ballpark. Unlike other barefoot shoe brands out there, Xero Shoes tends to have fairly cost-efficient shoes. For the Xero Shoes HFS, its construction does a good job at lasting a while when it’s used for lifting and running.

  • The 10 fits like a 10.5 in most shoes I’ve gotten for running.
  • Their height does not limit ankle movement, but laces ensure good fixation of the foot so that foot does not move forward too much when walking downhill.
  • While I like the white colorway, the black/white colorway is somewhat a miss and I’m not the biggest fan of the shiny black upper.
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They are a great hybrid barefoot lifting and running shoe with a reasonable price range and a robust top design. If you prefer a more self-sustaining barefoot running and weightlifting shoe, consider the Xero Shoes Zelen. Upon investigating my purchased shoes, I noticed that most have Tough Tek toe bumpers, Bare-foam insoles, and rubber outsoles, which give me comfort, flexibility, and protection. This shoe has a 3mm thick removable insole that is built with perforated foam and the internal construction of this shoe is finished so you can wear them or without the insole. There are suede overlays around the toe box, heel, and lacing system with additional side strips to help lock down the huarache-inspired straps on the sides of the shoe. The Xero Shoes Prio features a mesh and suede upper with a 5.5mm thick FeelTrue sole and a 3mm thick removable insole.

Xero Shoes Kelso

They also look similar to regular shoes so nobody will notice that you are wearing barefoot shoes. We’re perfectly comfortable in bare feet, and Xero wants to keep it that way. Padding around the ankle gives way to a thin liner, which effectively and efficiently wicks moisture away from your feet through the double-layer mesh. The moisture-wicking liner combined with the spacious interior results in superior breathability, allowing you to comfortably run miles of pavement even through the heat of the day. All of Xero Shoe’s children’s shoes are wider than conventional children’s shoes.

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Best Shoes for Beach Running ( : No Bull, Xero Shoes, Vibram ….

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All of these models feature five main eyelets with a sixth for lace-lock. Each shoe features traditional eyelets and eyelets used with the huarache design. This is a feature intended to provide a more secure a snug fit throughout the mid-foot for each model. The Xero Shoes 360, Prio, and HFS all have upper constructions that feature a blend of materials. The Prio and 360 each have a reinforced toe with thicker leather and suede-like materials while the HFS has a reinforced toe with a lightweight synthetic material.

One thing to note, if you’re running outside, I’d suggest avoiding puddles to ensure the upper last longer. Outside of the HFS, I also like the Xero Shoes 360 for more casual shorter runs. Basically, runs that you would see in CrossFit-style workouts. This model also breathes really well and has a slightly more responsive insole. The Prio is a bit chunky for me when it comes to running especially when comparing it between the other two models. Plus12 measurements is another great thing that a couple of companies now use to check their sizing, but most do not.

Where to Buy Xero Shoes

And I like the width for toe splay and the removable insole to get you even closer to the ground. The black and white colorway, however, leaves little to be desired. While I think some will love the “classic” black leather look, it’s a miss for me and I found it somewhat hard to style due to it not flowing well with different outfits. And wear them on a daily wear basis, I think the Xero Shoes Kelso can be a good option to explore.


It took me a minute to appreciate the Xero Shoes Kelso, but once this model clicked, I found multiple things to like about this shoe. I break down my top picks into multiple sub-categories to help you find the best models for your needs. Despite liking the Kelso for the most part, there are a couple of cons to note about this shoe which I’ll discuss below. You can read a detailed review of the Alpine model here.

Enjoy Natural Comfort

Though not as bomber as other models we’ve tested, the HFS is still reinforced in key spots to improve durability and increase longevity. The Huarache-inspired straps — which also add to overall shoe structure — link the lace eyelets directly to the sole, rather than tugging on the upper. These straps are hidden behind purposefully placed strips of TPU along the quarter panels and across the heel sling, which help reinforce common areas of abrasion damage.

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Leap Into Minimalism With the Best Barefoot Running Shoes.

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If you require more room in the toe box, the arch, the ball of your foot, and the heel, Xero Shoes are your best option. On the other hand, the materials used in most of the Xero shoe collections are forgiving and may fit a variety of deeper, broader feet. However, this may sometimes cause one to feel unsafe while switching directions. But do note, these are better suited to wide foot, so if you have narrow feet, these may not be very comfortable for you.

Comparison: Xero Shoes vs. Vivobarefoot

The double-mesh upper is unhindered by much TPU or other superfluous reinforcements, which improves both the lightweight feel and swing weight of the HFS. Regardless of style, these shoes both feel and perform like a racing flat. From the flexible, low-stack sole, to the lightweight, breathable upper, the Xero HFS is the epitome of a barefoot shoe.

  • We imagine that consistent road running in these shoes will be much friendlier to sole longevity than consistent trail running.
  • After all this talk of their lightweight airiness, you may be surprised to find that the HFS is actually one of the heavier shoes in this review.
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If you somehow manage to wear through the outsole on your Xero Shoes, we will replace them for a nominal cost.

I bought some Vivrobarefoot Primus Lite III and oh man they are uncomfortable and really unbearable without socks. I’m selling them on eBay since I ran a couple 10-milers in them and they just aren’t for me. The sole is thicker and stiffer than other Xero Shoes models but this ensures extra insulation in cold days. The lugs on the bottom have deeper grooves to improve traction on icy surfaces but we still recommend using crampons on slippery surfaces.


Complemented with a nylon Achilles strap and elevated ankle holes for adjustability, the – Women’s Barefoot Sandal is priced at just $50. For those keen on the outdoor life, we recommend adding the Xero Shoes Z Trek Sandals in case of hot afternoons. Available in either black or purple, the DayLite Hiker Fusion boots ring up to a total of $110.

Therefore, this is the spot where you will brake if you are fore- or midfoot striking. After all this talk of their lightweight airiness, you may be surprised to find that the HFS is actually one of the heavier shoes in this review. This lends itself to a better natural feel, as well as increased running economy — a win-win for this athletic trainer. On a side note, customers that usually order a larger size to accommodate a wider fit are recommended to only purchase their actual foot size. Like most sneakers and sandals, Xero Shoes may stretch out over time. Materials like leather or canvas tend to wear out after repeated use.

Just be sure to adjust the size by 1 (for example a women’s 39 is the same length as the wider men’s 40 in our shoes). All of our men’s shoes are wider than conventional men’s shoes. The Xero Shoes 360, Prio, and HFS all feature removable insoles.

They have the comfort and the traction you need in a cross-training shoe. However, there will be a small adjustment period if you’re used to supportive shoes. There are a couople of Xero shoes which come most highly recommended for running.


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All of our import transactions into xero are wider than conventional children’s shoes. Many of our male customers find a great fit in our women’s styles. Just be sure to adjust the size by 1 (for example a men’s 40 is the same length as the narrower women’s 39 in our shoes). If you’ve never done barefoot running or tried barefoot shoes before, I’d suggest getting used to them slowly and intensifying your runs as you feel ready. Another difference to note about each of these shoes is their sole construction and tread pattern.

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