The partners often argue about the level of trust and honesty within the relationship. As the partners have worked through jealousy issues, the issues of blame, trustworthiness, and honesty have decreased. Depression A. The jealous partner described feelings of depression regarding a perceived loss of the partner’s attention, affection, and love.

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D. The partners were reinforced for implementing the lowest items on the priority list of behaviors that would benefit the relationship. The partners have not implemented the lowest items on the priority list and were redirected to do so. Treat Specific Problems A. A treatment plan was developed to address specific relationship problems. As treatment for their secondary problems has been enacted, the couple’s secondary problems have decreased.

Process Recent Aggression A. An analysis of recent examples of the aggressive partner’s angry feelings or anger outbursts was conducted. “Alternatives to Destructive Anger” from the Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner, 2nd ed. Was assigned. The homework assignment has been completed, and key concepts were reviewed. The uncompleted homework assignment was reassigned, and the reasons for noncompletion were reviewed and problem-solved. C. The partners were reinforced for their understanding of how each family member can be negatively affected by partner abuse.

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References to or threats of abusive behavior were confronted as though they were actual abuse behavior. An emphasis was placed on teaching the clients about the consequences of abusive behavior. Obtain Commitment against Coercive Sexual Interaction A. The partners were asked to commit not to use physical force to coerce sexual interaction.

Review Communication A. The couple’s pattern of communication was assessed to identify the extent of negativity and hostility. Positive reinforcement was given to both partners regarding the low level of negativity and hostility that exists within their communication. The couple was provided with direct feedback regarding the high levels of negativity and hostility that exists in their communication. The couple was asked to make a commitment to decrease the level of negativity and hostility that exists in their communication.

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The with alcohol abuse problems has violated the nondrinking contract, and conjoint treatment has been suspended. The partner with alcohol abuse problems was referred for more intense alcoholism treatment (e.g., residential, inpatient, or intensive outpatient treatment). The partner with alcohol abuse problems has followed up on referrals for additional treatment, and the benefits of this treatment were reviewed.

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The client was asked to repeat the rationale for situational analysis in his/her own words. The client displayed a clear understanding of the goals of situational analysis and was reinforced for this. The client did not display a clear understanding of the goals for situational analysis and was provided with remedial feedback in this area. Three cognitions that occurred during the situation were developed. The partners were asked to identify their behavior during the situation.