This is one of those situations where it really depends on the people involved. At the end of the day I’ve noticed that maturity varies more from individual to individual than it does based on age. It may be fair to say mature people are attracted to other mature people. PurplePillDebate is a neutral community to discuss sex and gender issues, specifically those pertaining to /r/TheBluePill and /r/TheRedPill. But after that, you’re accessing a small pool of girls.

Ace was divorced at the same time, Ace did not want to remarry, then met Amanda. Ace has two children from his first marriage.

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She will hate you maybe , but it might just save her alot of heartache and pain as well & a mental disorder due to the mental anguish & abuse he will put her though . This man has his sights set on her for sex & grooming of her to be with him. As mentioned he might be setting her up for a big fall to be used & sold . I was being groomed and molested at that age. I confided in my friend and she gave the option to either tell someone, or she would. I am 30 and I am forever grateful she left me no other choice.

I’m trying to be an open and loving boyfriend and letting her grow as a person but I fear people will look down upon my relationship. First is my friend married and they live with their parents and kids from her pervious relationship. They have a child now and they seem to be fine. They are saving up for a house, I think, but with 3 kids and them two I doubt they can save enough.

something men who date 20 something women aren’t ‘predators’.. they’re normal

Some jurisdictions prohibit all sex outside of marriage irrespective of age, as in the case of Yemen. Reasonable belief that the victim is over the age of consentIn some jurisdictions it is a defense if the accused can show that he or she reasonably believed the victim was over the age of consent. In the 21st century, concerns about child sex tourism and commercial sexual exploitation of children gained prominence, resulting in legislative changes in multiple jurisdictions, as well as the adoption of international laws. In the 16th century, a small number of Italian and German states set the minimum age for sexual intercourse for girls, setting it at twelve years.

My AVERAGED age difference is 4.2 years younger than me, but my range is -10 to +5, while my current GF is 8 years younger than me. If you weighted my average by how long the relationships were, it’d skew to an even higher age difference. Obviously I could be an outlier, but I don’t think studies like these tend to take access into account, and simply ascribe „preference” as the sole factor. In 18th century Australia it was thought that children were inherently sinful and vulnerable to sexual temptations. Punishment for „giving in” to these temptations was generally left to parents and was not seen as a government matter, except in the case of rape. Australian children had few rights and were legally considered the chattel of their parents.

Leonardo dicaprio may grow old or 30 year old. The main differences between them are superficial. The ones in their 30s make more money, have cars, have nicer apartments, etc…, and these things give off a veneer of adulthood that young impressionable women find appealing.

He was uneducated and I was a freshman in college. Gave it a shot and now we’re married, been together 7 years now. The only thing that would put me off a 30-something would be if they have children but that would be my deal breaker with any age. Pretty much any mature/composed girl I’ve known in her 20s finds 30-something professional men to be very attractive. This was my thoughts tbh, most young girls don’t think about security unless they’re really poor or so rich they don’t ever want to compromise their lifestyle. I know more than you, I’ve travelled more than you, I’m better at talking to people than you because I’ve talked to more people, I understand how people work better than you because I’ve dealt with more people.

In France, under the Napoleonic Code, the age of consent was set in 1832 at eleven, and was raised to thirteen in 1863. In the 1970s, a group of prominent French intellectuals advocated for the repeal of the age of consent laws, but did not succeed. The first recorded age-of-consent law dates from 1275 in England; as part of its provisions on rape, the Statute of Westminster 1275 made it a misdemeanor to „ravish” a „maiden within age,” whether with or without her consent. The phrase „within age” was later interpreted by jurist Sir Edward Coke as meaning the age of marriage, which at the time was twelve years of age.

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