So I put my shit in storage and went to Houston, where my family is, and spent some quality time with them while I looked for the right job opportunity in L.A. And Houston all of last summer, and James and I were able to spend more quality time together during that time. Unlike James, my parents built a very safe environment for my brother and me.

There’s no sign of Victoria on Luke’s social media either. But the couple were so endearing together that hopefully they’re just keeping shtum to keep audiences guessing for a little longer. When they went for drinks again after dinner, Justin brought up the topic of her divorce again and asked her how she could “lie” for so long. He even got frustrated and said, “How can I trust you?

Though most of her dates were supportive and understanding, Justin called her out for being dishonest during her marriage. Over dinner and drinks, he constantly questioned her choices and criticized saying that nobody would be able to trust her. He left the date in between, and all this conundrum made Gurki extremely emotional and disturbed. That could be the reason that she didn’t choose anyone to go out on a second date. She might have needed some mental space to process everything. Unfortunately, like any good love story, there was drama!

Basra said her tense date with Justin, who said he could never trust her because she’s been divorced, helped bring her and Adolphus together. “Who said I didn’t pick a second date,” she captioned a photo of herself and boyfriend James Adolphus, who is the series’ director and cinematographer. When I was 15, 20, 25, when I got married even, I never saw the brown girl get divorced who was not tragic. With married friends I sometimes felt like they saw my divorce almost as a judgment of them.

She admired that even when the New York summer revved up to 100 degrees, he still wore a dress shirt and fitted jeans. Essentially, she had five guys to date–but her eyes were on him. „I didn’t actually know he was going to be in that scene. The smile is genuine, and me smiling and being surprised is genuine,” Basra says. The moment crackles with potential, with New York Times reporter Amanda Hess noting on Twitter, „I ship Gurki and this guy now.” All the hot goss about Netflix’s new reality dating show, Dating Around. But honestly, I’m glad she didn’t choose anyone at the end.

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They liked each other before even seeing each other because they had to start off their communication inside separate pods. When they saw each other in person, they still liked each other just as much. Justin rudely and abrasively yelled at Gurki and came at her totally foul.

On Too Hot to Handle, Chloe and Kori never actually entered into a real relationship but Chloe’s intention was for something to develop with Kori. She pursued him heavily when he first arrived at the island and the flirtations were definitely there between them. Some of these couples were obviously worse than others, but they all made for solid gold reality TV.

Jessica & Mark – Love Is Blind

The final moment of Basra’s Dating Around episode contains a prelude to the couple’s future. Unlike other contestants, Basra chooses not to go on a second date with any of the five men. Walking down a SoHo street in a Sex and the City-inspired sequence, Basra cemented her image as the patron saint of empowered single women. Also, making your girlfriend get rid of your cat KNOWING you’re going to break up with her is such a douchebag move. And the narcissistic comment about, I knew she’d choose me over a cat—who wouldn’t!? Ronnie and Sammi take first place when it comes to toxic reality TV couples.

The night is mercifully cut short when Justin storms out of the bar, commenting, „I’m over this.” Still, Basra’s time forging happiness as a single woman taught her that she’ll be OK, no matter her relationship status. But I also know if things don’t work out for whatever reason, like we’ll always be really good friends and have each other’s back,” Basra says. After Dating Around wrapped, Adolphus and Basra went out for dinner, during which Basra joked he had the unfair advantage.

And unfortunately for us, I didn’t have work, which is what keeps me driven and focused. Being out of a job combined with my own existential crisis has James and I needing to go our separate ways as of right now. I moved out and got my own apartment in L.A., but we were still talking and trying to understand one another. I did therapy in a relationship workshop, and James did some similar work on his end. We obviously really loved each other, but we still barely knew each other.

As of right now, I am going off on my own continuing search for what I need to be my best self. At this point we had already exchanged I love you’s new datematch and were talking about the future, but I still wasn’t settled. I didn’t have a job, and we were still doing long distance part of the time.

Dating Around was totally random; one of those fluke things that fell into my lap. I’m not somebody that’s ever pursued a career in acting or reality TV, but one of my friends was trying out for it. My friend worked at WeWork, where Netflix was casting, at the time. He saw a sign for the show and told me, “I’m going to go. You’d be perfect for this.” We already had plans to meet up for happy hour after the tryouts, so I was like, Fine, throw my name into the mix, let’s go. “I didn’t actually know he was going to be in that scene.

By the time the divorce paperwork happened, I had turned 30, and I’m 37 now. A lot of the immediate years after getting a divorce was like defending myself the whole time. Everyone’s like, “Why didn’t you go on a second date with Manny?