Well, it claimed the Food Network star was „not ready for marriage” and was „wary of” remarrying in the wake of her divorce from Todd Thompson. Farley has shared snippets from newspapers and magazines on his Instagram account before this incident, including a press cutting celebrating the launch of the show „FABlife,” for which he served as a producer after moving to Los Angeles. When Giada De Laurentiisand her husband, Todd Thompson, separated in 2014, the story got a lot of attention from the media and public at large. For her part, De Laurentiis was open about her relationship and revealed the news herself on Facebook. She wrote, „After an amicable separation since July, Todd and I have decided to end our marriage.” She added that while it was a tough and painful call to make, the duo arrived at the decision while keeping in mind their family’s well-being and happiness. From 2003 to 2015, she was married to fashion designer Todd Thompson.

To this day, when asked about how he got to where he is in his career, Farley talks about the importance of taking risks and initiative to get noticed. It seems like that attitude has paid off in more ways than one for Farley. Giada De Laurentiis will freely admit that she’s smiling a lot more these days, and one of the reasons is her boyfriend of 2½ years, Shane Farley. De Laurentiis also shared that Jade has developed a close bond with Farley, which makes dinner at the table an enjoyable experience for all. The Food Network star has been dating TV producer Shane Farley for nearly three years.

But prior to her divorce, there were rumors brewing that she and her coworker Bobby Flay, also a celebrity chef, were having an affair. In fact, only days before announcing her divorce from Thompson in 2014, De Laurentiis was spotted having dinner and drinks with Flay, according to Page Six. While Flay and De Laurentiis were obviously close, there isn’t much truth to these rumors, since she began a relationship with Farley rather than Flay after her divorce. Food Network star and celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis split from her husband, Anthropologie designer husband Todd Thompson , in 2014, according to People. The split cameafter 11 years of marriage, though they were together for over 20 years total, according to Redbook. Affair rumors could take a toll on any marriage, and even after Giada De Laurentiis’ divorce, the rumors didn’t slow down.

Giada De Laurentiis had a lot of growing pains after her divorce

For Jade’s birthday this year, De Laurentiis posted a heartwarming throwback photo … She shared a picture with herself, Jade and Jade’s father Todd Thompson with a caption that said, „I can’t believe how fast time flies! Soo proud of u Jadey! On to the next exciting chapter- 9th grade!! #mommymoments.” The Food Network star posted an adorable tribute of Jade’s middle school graduation last week.

The clip features the star driving a boat with a big grin on her face as she waves to the camera. “I think that all of us go through stuff,” she explained at the time. I tried to stay under the radar to protect my family and my daughter, mostly. Putting their daughter first also means coming together for important moments in her life.

Being labeled a ‘sex symbol’ may have strained Giada De Laurentiis’ marriage

Giada Pamela De Laurentiis, who is popularly known as Giada De Laurentiis is a well-known Italian American chef. For the people who used to follow Food Network’s program Giada at Home, she must’ve been a familiar sight. Giada joined Food Network in FriendFinderX 2003 with her daytime cooking show, which was named Everyday Italian. This started her incredible career as a chef, writer, and television personality. She has gained a massive fan following throughout her long career as a TV host and personality.

„Bobby Flay was also having dinner with some friends and dropped by Giada’s table to say hi. They did not have dinner, nor was there any touching going on.” Todd Thompson is an American fashion designer, known for working with the brand Anthropologie. He also appeared on De Laurentiis’ television shows like Giada at Home, Giada in Paradise, Everyday Italian, and Giada’s Italian Holiday.

Accord notes that common stressors and how an individual personally copes with and handles stress can have a direct impact on the functionality of a marriage. Perhaps, in addition to the pressure of fame, not having all the tools to cope with stress might’ve factored into De Laurentiis’ divorce. If Di Laurentiis never fully came to terms with the fear of intimacy or developing new relationships, this might have ultimately put up an invisible wall that halted any positive growth in her marriage . If Thompson was unable to provide her the support she needed — but couldn’t communicate — perhaps he simply stopped trying. While they had obviously been together for quite some time, maybe this fear, as well as lack of communication and self-isolation, unintentionally created a rift in the marriage. Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson, who were married in 2003, decided to divorce in December 2014.

And Jennifer Giamo apparently had to hear about his new woman in the tabloids, rather than from her soon-to-be ex-husband himself. Her lawyer, Barry S. Guaglardi, told the press what she thought of the matter, according to Page Six. Giada being a chef and Shane being a delicacy lover might have fallen for each other sharing common interest. Some personality receives massive attention for being a family member of a renowned celebrity. Shane Farley partially falls on the list as he is well known as the beau of an American chef Giada Pamela De Laurentiis. It might not be a surprise to find out that Giada De Laurentiis attended culinary school.

As his career began to take off, Bobby Flay married fellow chef Debra Ponzek in 1991, when he was 26. The couple got engaged over lunch at An American Place, a restaurant that was located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York City, after just a few weeks of meeting each other in 1990, and he proposed with a pear-shaped diamond ring. After authoring approximately 15 cookbooks, appearing on more than 20 Food Network shows, and owning numerous restaurant locations, it’s safe to say that Bobby Flay, is one of the most well-known celebrity chefs around. Most known for his slew of Food Network shows, Bobby Flay is the epitome of a celebrity chef. Jade, who has been cooking since she was 3 years old, even has her own chef’s knife.

She also opened her own restaurant in 2014, which serves Italian Cuisine along with a hint of American flavor too. Just because she’s a celebrity chef and makes everything look effortless doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her share of cooking disasters. In an interview with Bravo’s The Feast, Giada De Laurentiis proved she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to holiday fails.

But only De Laurentiis and Thompson know the intimate details of their relationship. Celebrities do, however, often offer insight into their relationships during happier times that may later offer the public clues about their struggles. „We’ve been spending every second of every day together, and well, that’s never happened for me because I’ve always been traveling and working,” she confessed to People in October 2020. In another quote shared with Page Six in November 2015, De Laurentiis’ rep claimed any speculation that the two dated while Farley was with Giamo was „outright false.” Giada De Laurentiis wasn’t swiping right on dating apps before finding love with Shane Farley — not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course!