Through images, texts, and other signs, sexual fields articulate their internal hierarchies of desirability, which privilege particular sexual actors . Digital sexual fields can perpetuate normative understandings of disability, sexuality, and disabled sexualities . The sexual fields framework allows us to understand the structural forces that shape ones chance of partnering and reproduce forms of inequality among sexual actors . I started to get out in my community and meet people at groups, volunteering, clubs and playing sports. You have to put yourself out there to find the right friend.

To date, little is known about how disabled people participate in digital sexual fields in their pursuit of romance, partnership, and intimacy . Even less is known about the internal logic of disability-centered digital sexual fields. On the one hand, one could say that disability-centered digital sexual fields provide a much-needed space that centers on disability and potentially increases disabled peoples chances of partnering. At the same time, these niche spaces can reproduce particular representations of disabled sexualities that exclude certain bodies/minds and sexualities. I’ve done a lot of self-discovery to truly embrace my disability — the highs and the lows — through online dating.

Each condition is different, and calls for different responses. They all produce some combination of practical barriers, medical and mental hardships within, and social hurdles and stigma imposed from the outside, from other people and social practices and systems. Have a good understanding of the way in which the learning disabilities affect your ability to process information, communicate, etc.

Someone who is autistic may get anxiety from going to a new place with a stranger that is full of busy stimuli. The best tool you can use to pick a location is your date, it’s as simple as connecting with them about their favorite place before embarking on your date. Finding a neutral ground that is already familiar can ease a lot of anxiety about an upcoming date. In terms of life beyond the home, having a fluctuating condition and chronic fatigue means that we can never really make any concrete plans. I would say it absolutely brought us closer as a couple, and continues to do so.


We want to explore what is possible and what we like or do not like just as much as you, and if the attraction is there, why not learn together? We want to push the relationship to a new level, not bring it down because one person have misconceptions about sexual practices with someone that has a disability. We want to let you know if we need a change in what is going on, just as we want you to let us know if there needs to be a change. Regardless of the type and degree of disability, everyone is entitled to choices and the ability to exercise as much personal control they can, on their own or with assistance. Refrain from demanding that your partner “try harder” to correct a disability.

These Dating Apps Are Made for People With Illnesses and Disabilities

These people present their own recommendations based upon their own experiences. As we all know, depending on where you live, public transportation in Trinidad and Tobago is usually a problem. When you’re dating someone who is disabled, transportation is even trickier. If you, or your partner, have a vehicle, that issue is a bit less of a problem. Note, I said a bit less, because being a driver has its own level of frustrations.

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After that first rejection, I updated my profile to include my disability. I am still receiving just as many winks and likes as I did before, but I am a lot more secure in the knowledge that people are taking an interest in me in spite of my disability. In fact, I would encourage others to be more open on their profiles.

At the end of our conversation, right before we fell asleep, he admitted he loved me and told me he didn’t expect me to say it back, but he had just wanted me to know. I didn’t really know what my relationship would look like, being with someone who is disabled, but I knew it would be amazing because Jason was amazing. In May of 2020, Jason and I set a date for his first visit, late July. The first thing Jason said once he got to Arkansas was, ‘You guys have a lot of water here,’ and ‘Wow, it’s so green here!

Most of us hit a crossroads at some point in our lives, where we’re not sure what we want, or what our direction is. An unexpected effect that dating Dan has had is that I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and gained some clarity on my own life. As I got to know Dan, and found out more about his condition, I acknowledged that so many of us take a huge amount for granted. I also recognised that my own attitude and psychological barriers are often the things that are holding me back- not my actual ability.

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Some disabled people benefit from privilege, others not so much. Regardless of the type and degree of disability, disrespect, insults, and physical and emotional abuse are equally unacceptable regardless of type and degree of disability. Stories, memories, anecdotes … drawings, photographs, paintings. Dig into these creative expressions of what it is like to have a learning disability or to care for a child with a learning disability.