The best international frisbee software can be a valuable device if you’re planning an Frisbee Tournament. The right software will help you keep track of player stats and make your event more organised. You will also want to look for a program with a user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. Many companies claim that their software will help your tournament run smoothly however only a handful of them actually deliver on this promise.

The best programs for international tournaments are those produced by Global Information. They offer a free demo and provide excellent customer service. The software is also designed to support a variety of video game formats. You for All is another popular choice, developed by former Red Hot Foreign Frisbee players. moved here It’s a user-friendly application that aids event organizers in entering information into an event database.

Playpass The software for registration of tournaments allows you to accept online payments. You can absorb Stripe’s card processing cost or pass it on to your players. It is a fast, secure and cost-effective solution for collecting payments online.

You can select from a wide range of payment options to accept payments for your ultimate Frisbee event, such as PayPal or Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. If you’re hosting a local tournament or an international competition, we have the right solution for your needs and budget. For more information or to experience the demo or to request a demo, please contact us.

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